Case Study – Yazen

Yazen is one of Sweden’s first brands to offer weight-loss programs that include advice, follow-up, food and training programs in combination with the novel utilization of GLP-analog medicine.

At the end of 2022, Yazen defined their goal for 2023 – capture the opportunity to become a dominant actor in Sweden with their unique combination of service offerings. To achieve this ambitious goal, Yazen signed with Wajjo as their Performance Marketing Agency. As a result, we were assigned the task to acquire 5000 new patients within 12 months through Meta and Google.

“Tack för ett mycket bra arbete och för att ni hjälpt Yazen på vägen dit vi är idag. Ni har inte bara varit flitiga och kompetenta partners men framförallt alltid närvarande och ofta ovanligt närvarande och snabba i återkopplingen (även utanför de vanliga eller förväntade timmarna). Dessutom är ni härliga personer som det varit kul att arbeta tillsammans med.”

Joakim Danung, Digital Growth Manager at Yazen


Navigating the landscape of online advertising within this vertical presented several key challenges. Firstly, the cost of keywords on platforms like Google Ads was a formidable obstacle, requiring careful management of budgets to ensure effective campaigns. Additionally, the intricate and somewhat opaque nature of advertising policies for weight-loss services poses a significant hurdle, encompassing issues such as misalignments between regulatory guidelines and platform rules. This complexity can create ambiguity, demanding a nuanced understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape.

Moreover, the presence of competitors exploiting loopholes and engaging in dishonest practices adds another layer of difficulty. Furthermore, limitations on data utilization, stemming from concerns about patient integrity and compliance with GDPR, hinder the full potential of leveraging valuable insights for targeted advertising. Addressing these challenges collectively demands a strategic approach that balances budgetary constraints, regulatory compliance, and ethical considerations in the dynamic realm of online advertising.


In the market landscape, competition was notably concentrated on specific diets complemented by training or lifestyle coaching, reflecting a trend where businesses vie for consumer attention within this niche. Despite the potential for targeted marketing, the challenge lies in the scarcity of keywords available for capitalization, limiting the avenues for strategic promotion.

Moreover, the market is characterized by intense competition in keyword bidding, making it a formidable arena for businesses looking to secure online visibility. Notably, the presence of a dominant player in Viktväktarna, holding a substantial 40% impression share on Google Ads and boasting high credibility, further complicates the competitive dynamics. This influential presence raises the bar for newcomers and underscores the need for innovative strategies to carve out a distinctive space in a market where a singular actor wields significant influence.


  • Goal of acquiring 5000 patients reached within 8 months, 4 months ahead of schedule
  • Scaled budget by 500% with maintained CAC
  • Smart solutions to overcome tracking limitations



Through swift actions we enabled Yazen to harness the fruits of successful PR campaigns. The peaks of demand that resulted from these activities were not only substantial but also exhibited an unpredictable pattern, necessitating a high level of availability and agility from our team. To navigate fluctuations effectively, our agency remains committed to staying nimble and responsive, ensuring that we can meet the dynamic demands of our clientele with prompt and adept actions.


Conducting a comprehensive assessment of marketing performance involves a holistic approach that goes beyond surface-level metrics. Acknowledging that channel attributions may not always provide the complete truth, our agency places a premium on transparency. We recognize the value of fostering a shared understanding with our clients regarding how marketing initiatives are evaluated. By cultivating an environment of openness and clarity, we aim to align perspectives and collectively appreciate the multifaceted aspects of our marketing endeavors. This commitment to transparency ensures that both we, the agency, and the client are on the same page, fostering a collaborative approach to evaluating the efficacy of our marketing strategies.


Unearthing the challenging realities surrounding channel best practices prompts our agency to approach them with a sense of curiosity. We recognize that conventional wisdom may not always hold true, and to navigate this terrain effectively, our team is equipped with the expertise to conduct valid experiments. The inherent benefits lie in our agency’s inquisitive nature and the ability to explore alternative approaches, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and optimize channels based on empirical evidence rather than relying solely on established norms. Through this methodical and curious approach, we aim to unlock new insights that can reshape and enhance our understanding of effective channel strategies.


New Customers within 8 months


Scaled Budget with maintained CAC